Company Name: COMPERA LTD
Trading As: Compera
Company Number: 12265681
VAT Registration: -
Registered Office: Compera Ltd
284 Chase Road, A Block 2nd Floor
London, England, N14 6HF

1. Availability and Pricing

All equipment / goods and services are supplied subject to availability.

Domain name registrations are subject to availability and registrar restrictions.

We have the right to change our prices at any time without advance warning and all prices exclude UK VAT at 20% unless specifically stated otherwise.

2. Personal Information and Security

We guarantee that any personal information you send us online will be secure.

Information that you provide to us must be true, accurate and complete.

You agree to inform us of any changes in your details (contact details, address, telephone number or email address) via our contact page: https://my.compera.net/contact.php

3. Renewals

The registrars with whom we have registered your domain names with will also contact you directly when your domain name is due.

Renewal fees will be the same as the standard prices listed on our website at the time of generating the initial renewal notice.

All services are provided on a pre-payment basis.

Prior to the expiry date of each contracted period we will send you a number of notices inviting you to renew the domain name and / or service for an additional period.

The renewal process will generally start 45 days before the renewal date and will consist of two email notifications and a suspension notice shortly before or just after the renewal date.

The renewal process may vary for certain domain names as required by registrar's terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure we have up-to-date contact details so that we can send you these notices.

Starting 45 days before the expiry date we will send you 2 email renewal notices and then a suspension notice shortly before or shortly after the expiry date.

Renewal fees must be received before the expiry to guarantee continuation of services.

We provide a 7 day grace period after the expiry date in which the service will remain active.

At a time determined by us after the 7 day grace period the service will be suspended without notice.

You can still renew the existing service for up to 30 days after the expiry date.

At a time determined by us after the 30 day post expiry period we will delete the service, configuration and any data that we are not legally required to retain.

4. Return Policy

A 14-day money back guarantee is provided for new services you purchase through Compera. The return procedure is operated as detailed below.

It is obligatory for the end user who purchased the service to create a support notification for the relevant service/services from the customer area within 14 calendar days of the return request and to send the reason in writing, if there is a service requested to be returned. Returns will be processed within 7 working days after the end user submits the return request. Refund requests made otherwise are not taken into account.

Products that cannot be returned:

1) Domain name (domain)

2) Security certificate and all kinds of software license services

3) Renewed services or products for the next period

4) Physical or virtual servers and personalized services or products

5) Consulting and brokerage services

6) Technical support and installation services

7) Services provided through third-party service providers

8) Rights earned from free, sponsorship or campaigns

9) Credits arising from return transactions added to the customer's account or the customer's direct credit amounts.

Cash Refund: For the services requested to be refunded, cash can be refunded by the way in which the payment is made and to the payer (for example, if it is a bank transfer, to the person making the transfer, if it is a credit card payment to the relevant credit card). However, the refund of non-refundable services (license, security certificate, operational and technical services, cargo, bank commission etc.)

Refund as credit: After the services requested to be refunded are canceled and the non-refundable portion is subtracted from the total amount, it can be added to the customer's account as a credit so that the service can be purchased again. Credits added as credits or added directly by the customer cannot be paid back in cash.

Refunds will be made over the GBP amount at the time of payment. Necessary return costs belong to the end user and will be refunded after deducting from the total return amount.

The end user can cancel the return request at any time by giving written notice before the return process takes place.

These return conditions are binding between Compera and the person and/or institution that is the end consumer. Anyone who purchases services through Compera is deemed to have accepted these policies in advance.

5. Cancellation Procedure

You must log in to the Compera customer panel with your user name and password for any product or service you have purchased through Compera and create a cancellation request from the page of the relevant product you wish to cancel.

When making a cancellation request, you will see phrases such as at the end of the period or immediately. In cancellation requests sent with the end of term option, the service will remain active until the end of the service period and the service will not be irrevocably canceled and invoiced at the end of the service period. In cancellation requests that you send with the immediate option, the billing for the relevant service will not be made again and the service will be irreversibly canceled on the same day.

All the products and services we sell are services purchased through the repeated process, and the system will send you proforma invoices and relevant reminder emails unless you submit a cancellation request.

Refund requests to be written on the cancellation reason given during the cancellation process will not be considered. Refund requests can also be submitted in the form of a new support ticket to be opened to the accounting department via the support notification.

6. Warnings

Cancellation and refund transactions are different from each other, the cancellation process states that you will not use the service in the next period and that you do not want a new invoice to be created, while the return process states that you return the purchased product and request a refund at the same time.

Your credits in your account will automatically pay your bills, so users must turn off the auto-renewal feature of the services that they will not renew at the end of their term (auto-renewal feature can be activated/deactivated on the relevant service page), otherwise the services will be automatically renewed if you have credit in your account, and this transaction is not refundable.

7. Nominet Terms

When registering or renewing any domain name type provided by Nominet UK (includes .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk) your client is also agreeing to and accepting Nominet UK's Terms & Conditions.

Nominet UK's Terms & Conditions can be found on Nominet UK's website - [View Nominet UK Terms]

8. Acceptable Usage

It is a condition of this contract that you comply at all times with our Acceptable Usage Policies (as may be updated from time to time) as detailed on our web site.

If you breach our Acceptable Usage Policy we are entitled to suspend or restrict your service and cancel this contract and / or take such as action as detailed in the Acceptable Usage Policy.

9. Statutory Rights

Nothing in this contract affects your statutory rights.

10. Mistakes in Bills

If we make a mistake in any bill, we will correct it as soon as the mistake comes to our attention, and we will, if appropriate, refund any money to you promptly.

11. Records of Contracts

We maintain records of all contracts, and, if you so request, we will provide you with a copy of any contract between us and you entered into within the last 24 months.